Hamburg-Alstertal-Diplom HAD (englisch)

"Hamburg-Alstertal-Diplom (HAD)"

had webSupplementary regulations:

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), local group Hamburg-Alstertal, DOK E13, is issuing this award as recognition for proven radio contacts with amateur radio stations in the DARC district Hamburg after the 1st of January 1994.

13 points must be proven through radio contacts with members of the publishing local group E13. Each call counts only once with one point.

One of the club stations of the local group E13, (at present DLØAT, DKØHAT, DLØAGC, DLØDD, DLØMFH, DFØNDR, DKØNDR, DLØNDR, DFØRWE) is mandatory. Each of the club stations counts 3 points.

Additionally radio communications with stations in 25 different local groups of the DARC district Hamburg must be proven. Each DOK will be scored once with one point. All E- and Z-DOK in the DARC District Hamburg, as well as the separate DOK "HMB" and "DVE" are valid. There are no band- or modelimitations.

The award can also be requested for connections on a single band or in a special mode of operation.

The award application is to be sent with GCR-list and the fee of

DL-stations: 7,- €
EU-stations: 8,- € or 12 US-$
DX-stations: 10,- € or 15 US-$

to the following address:

Ehrhart Siedowski (DF3XZ)
Hermann-Löns-Weg 17, D-22335 Hamburg, Germany

Please use the following bank account for the award-fee:
IBAN: DE35 5005 0201 1252 3691 30 at "1822direkt"

The award is printed four-colored on 150 grams white, matt, wood free cardboard. It shows the area outline of Hamburg, surrounded by a circle of stars, which represent the countable local groups. A pen-drawing of the Osterkirche ("Easter church") symbolizes the location of the local group Hamburg-Alstertal.

The award has been acknowledged at the DARC general meeting in May 1994.


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